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Rivalry Week
One of the great things about having a "head-to-head" fantasy league, is that some serious rivalries can develop between franchises. In a "total points" league there is no element of individual games, hence deathly grudges do not develop. However in this league?.... well there is nothing quite as serious as the bragging rights that you can earn from a win in such a game.

Weeks 10 and 13 are now designated rivalry weeks in the FFL when all the traditional big match-ups take place. Hence you could have a game between two 1-9 teams that would mean nothing to the overall destination of the FFL Bowl, but would mean everything and more to those two teams.

All of these rivalries have "trophies", some of the tackiest creations you will ever witness, which are presented at the draft and secure 12 months serious bragging rights for the victor.

The 2010 season brings 3 new teams, so once again the rivalry week match-ups, all bar one, have been changed. Many games are still awaiting suitable names and trophies.

Welsh Dragons v Dead Zombies
Tim Lewis joins the league for the 2009 season and his Welsh Dragons will be taking on Simon Butt?s Dead Zombies. An empty bottle of Jack Daniels mounted on a beautifully carved wooden base creates an excellent JD Bowl. Exactly who consumed the bottle's contents is still up for debate.

Dodgy Athletics v Tractor Boys
Two of the older members of league. The first game way back in 1997 in which the Tractor Boys (then as Hope And Pray) defeated the Dodgy Athletics (previously the Damp Socks) 73-54.

Hanging Judges v Punting Idiots
Both teams will be fighting over "The Bristols Bowl". Suitable named after a link to the wonderful city of Bristol, and also an obsession with breasts by one owner.

Cosmic Clap v Morning Woodsmen
United v City. Ali v Frazier. All sports have great rivalries - this league brings the Clap v Woodsmen. Playing in the "Manchester Derby", the loser will find themselves wearing the opponent's scarf for the duration of the draft. And if that's not bad enough, will then have to dress as Constable Cub during the bowling.

Outstanding Warrants v Shy Teds
Not since Rob Shaw and Rob Shaw Jr were in the league has there been a father-son rivalry. Who will hold blagging rights in the Maw household?

Malicious Penguins v Funky Furbys
The Councillor vs the two-headed beast. Will the Furby's show the Penguins how to play fantasy football and not win the tie in their first season?


Dodgy Athletics v Shuttleworth Snap
With Geoff retiring, Martin lost his long-time nemesis, however with Myke coming back into the league they now start a new rivalry. Having played each other nine times previously up to 2005, this rivalry ended before it could really get going.

The Turkeyleg Truck - The Hanging Judges v The Madden Turkeylegs
When John Davies joined the league in 2001, he and Gary Botteley stuck a turkeyleg on top of a model Tesco truck and agreed to play for it. John had three straight wins until 2003 when Gary's only two wins all season came against the Turkeylegs and the truck's handbrake rolled off until it ended up back in Hinckley. In 2004, the trophy returned to Warwickshire, went back to Leicestershire in 2005, before JD won for the next three seasons. However, the series was split in 2008 and it was the Judge who emerged triumphant on aggregate.

The Tractor Bowl - The Masked Raider v The Tractor Boys
Steve Careford is always quick to wind other owners up and managed to provoke Steve Reeder enough over the years for them to begin playing for the ?Tractor Bowl?, which is basically just a model tractor stuck on a two-bit trophy. But it means enough to them of course and adorns a mantelpiece in Andover or Colchester each year. It was won for the first time in 2005 by Mr Reeder, who retained it in 2006, before a win for Norv in 2007 transferred bragging rights over to Essex. However a sweep for the Tractor Boy has seen the trophy return to Hampshire.

Can't Believe I Traded Romo Bowl - The Cosmic Clap v The Punting Idiots
Lee Bromfield and Clive Williams began playing for their own rivalry trophy in 2005, the "Trade Me Peyton Manning Bowl", in honour of Steve Careford's persistent attempts to obtain Peyton Manning from the Cosmic Clap, ("trade me Peyton and I'll lie still" while crashing on Phil?s floor was the best one). They play for a trading card of the Colts' QB, who does now reside on the roster of the Masked Raider! However, from this season it has been renamed the "Can't Believe I Traded Romo" Bowl after the QB that Lee traded to Clive. Lee took the honours in 2005 & 2006, but Clive has secured the trophy for the last two years with aggregate victories.

The Crumpler Cup - The Outstanding Warrants v The Malicious Penguins
The two youngest members of the league, Wayne Maw & Richard Lowe, played for a new trophy in 2007. The "Crumpler Cup" is a teething cup with a Falcons? helmet on top and a trading card on the back. A truly tacky effort, well worthy of inclusions amongst the rest of the rubbish listed here. Wayne won the first contest, taking the honours in a low-scoring inaugural game, but the Councillor bounced back in style last year with a sweep to claim the trophy.

The Tossers Trophy
Possibly the best known former rivalry was "The Tossers Trophy", which was the annual battle between Paul and Phil. The trophy, a collection of player figures of well know NFL tossers, was kept by Phil after his win in the 2006 series. Both now retired, they played each other 31 times.

The White Shite Bowl
"The White Shite Bowl" was played between the two Leeds United fans in the FFL at one time, Steve Careford and Tony Smith. Originally they were going to burn a Rio Ferdinand shirt after he joined Manchester United and play for the ashes.

The Shaw Bowl
When it comes to serious rivalries, then you have to bring family into it. ("It would be rude not to!" to quote Rob snr). There were five "Shaw Bowls" played between 1996 and 2000 as father lost to son four times and some serious stick was dished out in North London between Rob and Rob Jr.


There are two other trophies awarded each year in addition to the Championship trophy. The "Penis Tie" is awarded to the owner with the worst record that season, who then has to wear it during the next year?s draft. The tie was a "gift" from Mike Carlson and was first won in 2003 by Gary. Recent winners have been Steve R, Clive (twice) and Richard. Last year, the franchise ?formerly known as The Hurried Vikings/The Borg/The Caretakers? struggled down the stretch and currently, ahem, "hold" the tie. The "Shark Trophy" is awarded to the owner considered to be the biggest "Shark" in the league for that season. The trophy evolved after Paul?s daughter Tanith spotted a toy shark in a Florida mall and thought of Martin (if you believe Paul?s version). Unsurprisingly though, it was indeed won by Martin in 2006 and to be fair, it looked like it might be a perennial award. However Lee took the honours in 2007, before Martin reclaimed his trophy with some quite splendid dealing ? like Martin needs more encouragement to retain it!!
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