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Current Champion: Outstanding Warrants (Wayne Maw)
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3rd July 2014
At the halfway stage now so time to open the shoulders and start taking the pi$$ as we slide down the FFL snake. Onto my very own Cosmic Clap and the story of their 2013 shambles. Read on for a tale of how not to draft .....
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Don't forget that roster cuts have to be made bbefore the first game on 8th September. Fairly to do so will result in the commish making the cuts for you!
[ Clive ... 28th August 2016 ]
All Time Season Totals Leaders


1Aaron RodgersMalicious Penguins4302011
2Cam NewtonShy Teds3952015
3Tom BradyWelsh Dragons3742011
4Tom BradyOutstanding Warrants3622015
5Drew BreesCosmic Clap3622011
6Aaron RodgersDodgy Athletics3552014
7Peyton ManningMorning Woodsmen3542014
8Andrew LuckDead Zombies3432014
9Drew BreesMadden Turkeylegs3272015
10Drew BreesDodgy Athletics3162009

Running Back

1Chris JohnsonPunting Idiots2302009
2LeSean McCoyCosmic Clap1892011
3Marshawn LynchMorning Woodsmen1662014
4Arian FosterOutstanding Warrants1642014
5Arian FosterOutstanding Warrants1642010
6Jamaal CharlesMalicious Penguins1552014
7Frank GorePunting Idiots1342009
8Ray RiceDead Zombies1332011
9Maurice Jones-DrewWelsh Dragons1312009
10Adrian PetersonDodgy Athletics1302010

Wide Receiver

1Odell Beckham JrDodgy Athletics1602015
2Jordy NelsonShy Teds1562014
3Brandon MarshallMadden Turkeylegs1472015
4Antonio BrownMorning Woodsmen1452014
5Demaryius ThomasMorning Woodsmen1432014
6DeSean JacksonPunting Idiots1402009
7Dez BryantDead Zombies1372014
8DeAndre HopkinsMadden Turkeylegs1222015
9Julio JonesOutstanding Warrants1182015
10Andre JohnsonOutstanding Warrants1162009

Tight End

1Rob GronkowskiOutstanding Warrants1092015
2Rob GronkowskiOutstanding Warrants1082014
3Rob GronkowskiShy Teds1032011
4Julius ThomasTractor Boys952014
5Antonio GatesOutstanding Warrants932010
6Jimmy GrahamCosmic Clap782011
7Jordan ReedMalicious Penguins762015
8Dallas ClarkMasked Raider762009
9Greg OlsenMadden Turkeylegs722015
10Antonio GatesOutstanding Warrants722009


1Stephen GostkowskiWelsh Dragons1692015
2Dan BaileyMalicious Penguins1682014
3Stephen GostkowskiCosmic Clap1602014
4Steve HauschkaOutstanding Warrants1592015
5Matt BryantOutstanding Warrants1582014
6Mason CrosbyWelsh Dragons1512011
7David AkersHanging Judges1492010
8Justin TuckerWelsh Dragons1482014
9Ryan LongwellDead Zombies1482009
10Rob BironasCosmic Clap1462009


1SeattleShy Teds1192015
2New EnglandMadden Turkeylegs1092015
3Green BayOutstanding Warrants1032011
4Green BayMorning Woodsmen1002010
5ChicagoOutstanding Warrants982010
6MinnesotaOutstanding Warrants972009
7PhiladelphiaTractor Boys962009
8BaltimoreDead Zombies962009
9ChicagoShy Teds942011
10San DiegoWelsh Dragons942009

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